Posters and leaflets

To help your children stay safe while using electrical appliances, download our electrical safety tips poster. For general information on electrical safety in your home, download Electrical Safety First's advice leaflet "How safe is your home?".

Advice for Families

These days children are likely to have 25 percent more electrical products in their bedrooms than their parents' generation did. Electrical Safety First offers some simple advice for parents that will help you keep your children and their electrical gadgets safe!

How to find an electrician

Electrical Safety First recommends that you always use a registered electrician to carry out electrical work in your home. To find an electrician local to you, visit

How to find a gas safe registered engineer

If you are having gas work carried out in your property you will need to use a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Simply visit the Gas Safe Register website and type in your postcode to find a list of local Gas Safe registered engineers that will be able to carry out the work for you.