Which electrical items use the most energy in your house?

Press the switches to find out

Not much electricity is used by:

Lightbulb 0.015 kWh
Laptop 0.05 kWh
Television 0.15 kWh
Washing machine 0.4 kWh
Microwave oven 0.9 kWh

A medium amount of electricity is used by:

Toaster 1.1 kWh
Vacuum cleaner 1.2 kWh
Iron 1.4 kWh
Kettle 1.4 kWh
Hairdryer 1.6 kWh

A lot of energy is used by:

Dishwasher 2 kWh
Tumble dryer 3.5 kWh
Air conditioning 3.5 kWh
Oven 4.5 kWh